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Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer

Foliar Green
Nitrogen ≥15% Fe≥ 2% Mg≥ 2%

It is a professional foliar fertilizer designed specifically to encourage a deep green colour and growth response in turf. A unique stabilised Nitrogen & Iron complex which provides a quick green-up of grass without over stimulation of growth. It is used as a rapid greening agent to improve lawn & turf colour prior to events without the risk of scorch. Convenient liquid fertilizer with high performance, slow release technology. Slow release nitrogen provides steady growth rather than a sudden burst. Added iron increases green colouring to all turf types. Rapid green-up, Greening the grass is not only for looks. It strengthens the leaf blade and provides extra durability to withstand fluctuating, colder temperatures.
It stimulates the leaves chlorophyll production persuading a brilliant dark green coloration. The greening is evident to not many hours from the treatment. It gives a growth incentive to the green parts, the effects explain also the tissues green coloration. Distributing it to the vegetative recovery or at the beginning of leaves and buds development it stimulates the vegetative inflorescence and the formation of powerful trees.

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer