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Common problem solving for advertising machines
1, the machine black screen, no light, no sound, the indicator light is not bright
Check if the 220V voltage is normal. The connection between the power cable and the external power cable is correct. Make sure the machine is powered.
The machine's power indicator is off and the machine is not powered.

2. When the machine plays a file, the black screen has no light and no word display, and there is sound.
In this case, the high-voltage cable may not be connected, or there is a problem with high voltage. If it is impossible to confirm, please replace it with a new high voltage to test it;
Excluding the problem of high voltage Finally, it can be confirmed that there is a problem with the lamp of the LCD screen, and the LCD screen should be repaired.
3. After the boot, the screen will display black, and the words “RGB” will flash over the top left. Then the image of “NO SIGNAL” will appear in the middle. After a while, there will be nothing on the screen, just like the situation when the computer is turned off. The following judgments can be made:
a. If the machine is powered on, you will hear a “click” and prove that the 8pin cable used for connection between the driver board and the decoder board is not connected in place;
b. If the machine is powered on, it does not hear a “beep”, it may prove that a situation has occurred or the power of the decoder board is turned off (see if there is a red light on the decoder board, if it is not lit, the right side of the decoder board will be A small black switch can be placed in the opposite position. If the above conditions are excluded and the lights on the board are not lit, then it is certain that the decoder board is not powered, and a 2 pin line on the board is not inserted.

4, there is no sound after the boot
Check if the volume setting is adjusted to the minimum;
Whether the mute switch is turned on;
Whether the amplifier is connected to the decoder board, and then check if the amplifier is powered.Commercial Display suppliers