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cheap Laparoscope

●Rigid Glass Lens optics, with a clear, crisp image of the inspection area
●Universal light post connections including STORZ, WOLF, and OLYMPUSA padded box for safe transport and storage of the scope
●Accessories include Trocars and Cannulas, Rigid Forceps, and Portable and fixed Light sources.
●Optional autoclavable Laparoscopes are available upon request
●Units can be grouped together with other products to form complete packages
●5mm, 7mm, and 10mm diameters are available in either 0 degree, or 30 degree angles of view
●Higher resolution optics, within a durable stainless steel body, autoclavable units, to 134 degrees C are available too.
●Full complement of portable and fixed light sources, for different levels of illumination
●Waterproof design for easy cleaning and sterilization
●Ability to perform diagnostics, biopsies, artificial insemination in Large and small animals including livestockcheap Laparoscope